How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger with Tiles in 2021

Do you dream of having a big, spacious bathroom with a separate shower, tub, and plenty of room for you to move around? Do you wish to spend relaxing evenings with scented candles and a glass of red wine while taking a bubble bath? Well, no matter whether you live your dream or not, but now you can make your bathroom match up to its full potential.

These days, having a decadent bathroom means investing a handful. From glass doors to fancy mirrors, interior, matching faucets, showerhead- it takes a lot to design a large bathroom. But what if you don’t need to invest an arm, but still you get a larger look of your small bathroom? It sounds great, right?

how to make a small bathroom look bigger with tiles

On that note, here come the full-proof strategies to make your small bathroom look airy. Yes, we have mentioned 12 simple ways to make a small bathroom look bigger with tiles only. No extra cost, no additional resources, just choosing your color palette wisely and implementing a few clever visual tricks will work to make your bathroom look twice of its size. However, not only the tile color but size, shape, and placement of tiles also matter. So, are you ready to learn how to make a small bathroom look bigger with tiles? Scroll down and dive in!

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger with Tiles

Bathrooms are amongst the most common and essential parts of our home. And the irony is, sometimes we overlook them when designing the whole house. Well, that’s the main reason why most modern homes have smaller bathrooms these days.

However, if you have recently shifted to a new home or planning to renovate your existing bathroom, then the easiest and best way to make a small bathroom look bigger is to use the tiles effectively.

So, how to make a small bathroom look bigger with tiles? Know about the 12 simple ways to make a small bathroom look bigger with tiles here. There can be numerous other ways to use the tiles wisely, but these methods are proven to be the best. So, stay glued!

Use Large Format Floor Tiles in the bathroom

This is one of the most common and tried bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms. Yes, using the large format floor tiles is the best way to create an illusion of airy space. This is because, if you use larger tiles throughout your bathroom floor, it’ll make the appearance less ‘busy,’ unlike the smaller tiles. Also, there are no grout lines on the tiles that add a premium look to your bathroom. And thus, even if you have a smaller bathroom, these large-format floor tiles can be a worthy buy for you.

With a better and larger format of tile in your bathroom, you can make it look clean and, of course, bigger than before. These floor tiles for the bathroom are a popular choice for the buyers, and thus if you are looking to invest in some good quality tiles, you can easily find tons of options and color themes that can perfectly fit your bathroom interiors. Try the available options in your local market or order the bathroom tiles for a small bathroom from your favorite online store and make your bathroom look bigger in no time.

Use Light Coloured Tiles Throughout the Bathroom

Light-coloured tiles perfectly reflect the light. And if you have a bathroom where there is ample space for the sunlight to enter, then installing the light-colored tiles can create magic. Light-colored tiles help to explore the area better. This can be clearly justified by the fact that the areas with the dark-colored walls and interiors appear smaller than the same size that uses light-colored background and accessories.

The main reason behind this is- dark colors absorb light while palish backgrounds reflect light giving your small bathroom a fuller look. Hence, the reflected light from the floor and wall tiles will be extremely beneficial for making a small bathroom bigger.

Install the Tiles Diagonally

Here is another way you can use to choose a different approach to bathroom flooring ideas. Installing the floor tiles diagonally can help them look broader and larger than they actually are. This different approach towards the installation is an excellent choice for the people who have a small bathroom and want to make it reasonably sized without making too many expenses.

However, the flow of the diagonal lines of the tiles can help you a lot in getting a solution for how to make a small apartment bathroom look bigger. So no more feeling like a cupboard sized bathroom, as you can create a bigger one with this simple trick only.

Choose Plain Tiles for Floor and Walls

Along with choosing the lighter coloured floor tiles if you have a smaller bathroom, we will also recommend you to go with less funky and designer tiles. Designer tiles may look extraordinarily adorable and classy, but get them only if you have enough space in your bathroom. Else the design and darker shade of the tiles will make your bathroom look messy, which you won’t ever want.

Believe us, the choice of tiles’ design plays a vital role in making your bathroom large or small. So, instead of getting a fancy darker tile for your bathroom, stick to the traditional, plain, and great looking tiles. If you opt for plain tiles, you are never going to regret the decision.

Pick Matching Floor and Wall Tiles in Bathroom

One of the most talked-about ways to make a small bathroom look bigger is to use the matching patterns while selecting the bathroom floor and wall tiles. The same color tone or design provides your bathroom with a better symmetry that eventually will help it look a lot bigger than usual.

You can notice this strategy in hotels and apartments with smaller bathrooms. So, try your hands on implementing this fantastic idea and make your bathroom look better and more spacious than ever.

Install Tiles All the Way to the Ceiling

If you are after more small bathroom floor tile ideas, then you can try installing the wall tiles right up the roof height of your bathroom. Doing so will create a visual trick to make your bathroom look spacious. Plus, the tiles and symmetry of the walls will help the bathroom feel bigger and cleaner than usual, and this eventually will make you feel like you are in a large bathroom. Many hotels and builders use this unique approach to compensate for the space in their bathrooms. So, try this in your bathroom too. Undoubtedly, this will be a worthy approach to make your bathroom feel spacious.

These were the six of the best bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms that you can opt for. Along with these, there are plenty of ways to make the bathroom look bigger than it is. Some of them are using less furniture and accessories in the bathroom or using light-colored paint and fittings. These simple and lesser expensive ways can help you deal with the smaller bathroom and make it look spacious than before. Additionally, we will suggest you search for the ‘best tiles for small bathroom’ before you purchase any. This will help you get a better value for money, and you won’t need to look for a replacement soon.

However, our list of tips does not end here, as we’re going to share a few bonus tips as well to get you fully covered. Keep reading, and you’ll know it all!

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Bonus Tips: How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

You already know all about using the tiles wisely. Now it’s time to learn a few tricks of using the accessories in a way that your small bathroom looks spacious. However, because of the lack of floor space, minimal light, and the number of accessories to fit in, small bathrooms can be challenging to decorate.

The small bathroom concepts go beyond maximizing the total available space. In even the smallest spaces, bold design features can suit perfectly. You just need to do it with a twist. Wondering how? Scroll down and know that below.

Paint Your Ceiling the Same Color as Your Walls

The ceiling represents one-sixth of a room’s space, but that is hardly a white coat. While bright white is usually the safest choice for ceiling paint colors, it is not your only choice. The colors that fit for your ceilings are all kaleidoscopic if you can walk down. Of course, the best solution sometimes is a coolly crisp white. But you do not like a chance to bring suspense and drama to your bathroom if you have never tried something outside of simple neutral. So your choice of color would better coincide with the design and furnishings of your bathroom. Use these tips to choose a ceiling paint that you would enjoy to help you pick the best wall color.

The ceiling that is lighter colored than the walls usually feel higher, while darker colors make the ceiling of your bathroom feel low. However, this does not always mean that the space is uncomfortable. Visually reduced ceilings will create a comfortable, intimate environment. Remember the source and intensity of light the room absorbs when you use it, as in the option of wall colors. For example, bright sunshine produces an airy atmosphere, reflecting off a blush, peach, or sky-blue ceiling.

Use Clear Glass in the Shower

Clear glass shower doors are transparent, but they are somewhat greenish, though a slight coloration is not visible to other people. Thanks to their lack of precise texture, transparent glass doors fit perfectly with every bathroom style and make your bathroom look larger. Clear glass remains the world’s most common alternative for shower doors for such a convenient appearance. If the inside of the bathroom is spectacular, like decorative tiles, a transparent glass door lets us see the wall at the back of the shower in the bathroom.

This is because you can see right into the enclosure; transparent doors can expand the space in smaller bathrooms. Rather than having a shower block your view of the wall, you can see the four walls of your bathroom. Since you can see through the door, any light you have in the bathroom can also flow into the shower, bringing more light into the room. Light can move out of the stall and into the toilet as well. Sunlight from the window may pass through a clear shower door if you have a window near the shower stall, lighting the space. Moreover, if you use clear glass for the shower or enclosure, it will reflect more light, which will make your bathroom look way bigger than it is for real.

Install a Larger Mirror

It has no natural light window. And the small vanity mirror that hangs over the pedestal sink does not make much for space. Your bathroom is tiny. You give a look at any of the ceiling height or very big bathroom mirrors, and you plan to add one of them and make a massive difference.

While installing a mirror can sound like a simple task, it may be much more challenging than you expect. You are taking a look at some of the reasons a bathroom mirror specialist trusts instead of trying to mount. Since mirrors are made of glass that is already heavy in large sheets, it adds a spacious premium look to your bathroom. Along with that, installing a large and heavy mirror covers your wall’s certain space while creating an illusion of bigger bathroom space.

Combine Your Bathtub and Shower

Small bathrooms and mini shower combos go a long way in relieving a small bathroom problem. Yes, if you are using a separate bathtub and a separate shower, try to combine them in order to make the most of your small space. Though having a bathtub in a small bathroom is not really a good idea, still, if you love to take relaxing baths in your bathtub, you must install one.

While opting for a bathtub, you can’t really invest an extra space for a shower. So, you have to combine both or eliminate one of those to make your bathroom’s organized and clean appearance.

Use Wall Mount Sink for Small Bathroom

Many of us want to make more room in small bathrooms without spending big on a complete renovation. One area where you can find the essential extra inches is at the sink. You can turn a small bathroom into a more pleasant place with a little creative tweaking of sink styles, installation types, fixtures, and cabinetry choices. Indeed, you cannot wash your sensitive food in these sinks, but most of these sinks are more than enough for daily hand washing and brushing of teeth. Sinks in a small bathroom and more manageable space have plenty of lasting benefits.

The washing Bowl and the plumbing pipes are usually connected to the wall in small bathrooms, freeing up the floor area. The exposed pipes are an essential component setup for a retro or vintage-style bath. Wall-mounting sinks in widths between 11″ and 42″ with 4″ to 22″ deep sinks are available in the market. In addition to the increased space offered by a wall-mount sink, you also can adjust the same at varying heights. The choice of a wall-mounted rack and a small basket filled with roll-up towels on the floor compensate for the absence of under-sink storage cabinets. So you get to save space and make room for accessories too while wall-mounting your sink.

Increase Natural Light

If a small bathroom offers light, then the strongest is natural light. Windows and skylights of your bathroom may provide light, but they can be painted, dirty, or sometimes covered with curtains. So in such cases, you need to make a doorway for light to come. Your windows can be cleaned quickly and at a low cost. Along with that, moss-filled skylights can be washed with a scrub brush, warm water, and a gentle detergent to ensure there is enough lighting in your bathroom.

Along with that, fix the broken blinds and curtains to open and close quickly when necessary. You must also replace plain glass windows with some frosted ones for a lasting solution. Clean your window screens with soft brushes as cobwebs or dirt will block the natural light. Always try to have as much natural light as possible in your bathroom.

Author’s View – How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger with Tiles

We have already mentioned 12 proven ways to make a small bathroom look bigger. Starting from tiles placement to color coordination to simple yet effective designs all come together for making a small bathroom bigger. Moreover, the right placement of furniture or accessories like a mirror or sink cabinet is also critical. And finally, the key to making a small bathroom look bigger is the play of light. Once you get everything sorted, your bathroom won’t feel small anymore.

We hope now you know how to make a small bathroom look bigger with tiles. It’s your turn to share your opinion regarding these ideas in the below box. Also, use the same box for further queries. Stay connected for more insightful articles.

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